Students at DLD College London recently received an inspiring talk from dedicated environmentalist and co-founder of global non-profit organisation, Plastic Oceans UK, Jo Ruxton.

Jo, who also produced the documentary A Plastic Ocean, was welcomed to the Westminster Bridge-based college where she discussed the lessons that she learned during the eight years of production for the multi-award-winning film, and why she never gave up on delivering the film’s message. Jo dedicated much of her time to raising funds and conducting research for A Plastic Ocean, which Sir David Attenborough described as “one of the most important films of all time.” Her captivating talk also featured exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and footage from extra sequences.

The informative and interactive session was most timely in view of DLD’s current policy to make the College plastic-free, one of many initiatives encouraged by the Student Council and members of staff, and also the broadcast of the BBC’s documentary Blue Planet Live.

Jo shared with the students the science behind A Plastic Ocean and showcased examples of how plastic waste is damaging our seas and way of life. She also imparted her valuable practical knowledge on how to reduce personal plastic consumption such as utilising reusable water bottles and bars of hand soap rather than plastic bottles.

Principal Irfan Latif commented: “Jo delivered a significant and thought-provoking session which highly-resonated with both students and staff members alike. Her wealth of knowledge and determination was exceptionally motivating, inspiring positive change to tackle plastic pollution.

“This stimulating event sat well with our current policy to make our College plastic-free. At DLD we encourage our students and prepare them to play an active part in the environment beyond school.”



by Chantelle Kell